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We are currently joining several large partners to help us kick-start a new Super PAC focused on writing state initiatives for sustainability.

Team B2B4ME


We want those peoples that are excited about challenges and opportunities far too big to get your arms around.  Team players that can coach each other to new levels of performance and execution.  If you resonate to these words then shoot us an e-mail with how you have done this in the past to; This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with "True Sustainability" in the Subject area.


We are looking for production, supply chain management and sustainability expert resources.   We are currently bringing online our launch Team and this will mean thousands of small to medium data nodes feeding our management dashboards.  Each of these nodes has the option of becoming a hub (for their value chain) and all definitions and queries (within the ROCK) are actionable ( funding their definition or solution) by any node or hub at any time (with approved accounts). So our expert resources need only a internet connection and device to start supporting our Teams.  You will receive more Teams and work based purely on Team ranked performance.  It doesn't get more sustainable than that!


We are formulating legislation for several states and need folks very skilled at writing legislation for the states of California, Colorado, Oregon and Washington.  Please give examples and references to validate exmples  in initial e-mail.

"When all think alike, no one is thinking very much."

– Walter Lippmann

American Journalist