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We are currently joining several large partners to help us kick-start a new Super PAC focused on writing state initiatives for sustainability.

Team B2B4ME


The Company

B2B4ME was formed to focus on the individual.  Since today customers are demanding more sustainable choices than businesses are providing we are focusing on B2B systems for true sustainability. The only way to create the hundreds changes necessary to embrace true sustainability is to build a system that tremendously supports every brave individual that chooses this path.  The purpose of our systems research was to provide user Return On Investment (ROI) within the first cycles of implementing our systems. In short we wanted to bracket "green" with "black".  What we are rolling out today and is being engaged by thousands of nodes is just such a system.

The Founder

Our founder, Mark Walker, is an experienced international business executive with over twenty years upper management experience with companies like Amoco International, Sheppard's-McGraw-Hill, Microsoft and others.  For the last eight (8) years he has coached C-Level management Teams on sustainable marketing while building the framework for B2B4ME.

Our Mission

Here at B2B4ME we believe it's more than possible to have business practices that align with the sustainable needs of our planet. Our mission is just that; to help companies change their practices to help the planet while maintaining or exceeding their original ROI. We'll work with your business at every level to produce both the black and the green that defines true sustainability.

Our Friends

International Society of Sustainability Professionals

"This 'telephone' has too many shortcomings to be seriously considered as a means of communication. The device is inherently of no value to us."

– Western Union internal memo