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We are currently joining several large partners to help us kick-start a new Super PAC focused on writing state initiatives for sustainability.

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B2B4ME Systems building true sustainability for entire value chains.

True Sustainability

B2B4ME is your path to embracing true sustainability.  So what is true sustainability?  Many companies today are looking at environmental, social and economical problems from within their four walls and are experiencing little or no collective forward movement on this triumvirate.  Some take early steps that are labeled "green washing" and retreat.  Many others feel that to embrace this path means losing to competitors, real and unknown.  Yet true sustainability would indemnify your business from both outcomes.  True sustainability is partnering with your entire value chain in embracing sustainability.

Transparency is Key

As the hub of your value chain we assist you in engaging trading partners and customers to build a transparent path and plan to engage users (within the hub), trading partners and customers into their daily roles in building true sustainability. The transparency and plan mean never being labeled as "green washing".  By engaging both trading partners and customers simultaneously you lock them into a sustainable win-win-win that is impervious to competitors assaults.  The best competitors can do is mimic your actions and over time catch up to where you were yesterday.  Once trading partners and customers see by your investment in this path and the trust you are placing in their participation, that this is a strategic company advantage, both trading partners and customers will step forward to protect this initial investment.

Our Unique System

What your initial investment includes is a system that has been researched for over eight (8) years to destroy every roadblock and enhance every feature so your steps to true sustainability are bracketed by solid Return On Investment (ROI). Yes, our systems cornerstone is bracketing "green" with "black".  We also understand that embracing true sustainability means many 180 degree turns from current business practices.  To enable even broaching such large changes within a critical environment would require a truly unique system.  We have built that system.  Check out our chart "Why B2B4ME Today?" for more answers to uncommon queries about progressing towards true sustainability.

Partners & Resources

Building something this global takes partners and we have included many in this program.  We will add partners and expert resources as we grow.  We all look forward to sharing this adventure with you, our children and our grandchildren (who form our Advisory Board).

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

– Arthur C. Clarke

British Author and Inventor